Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Summer.

I've been busy all summer. Gonna get even busier with Halloween getting close. We're working on Frightmare Forest again this year. Last year was the first year the spook trail happened. Last year we organized it and did so much work on the trail and props and costumes, and acted in it. This year we're just working on the props and costumes for it. And we're gonna be actors in it. The trail is almost done except what the VFD wants to do on it. So we're leaving that to them.
We're also decorating our porch for Halloween. Just because we like to. It's so much fun decorating for Halloween.

We have several new pieces to put up on Etsy for The Boneyard BOOtique. We've just been so busy with gardening and family and house stuff we haven't had time.

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